buying a business

As a collective of Business Brokering specialists, we understand the value of owning a lucrative business. While the internet provides prospective and existing business owners access to a vast variety of business opportunities, how will you know you’ve reached the right one? How will you know if these businesses you are considering buying are a good fit for your portfolio? Do they meet the core requirements that you are looking for or possibly had not considered? Does the business you are targeting achieve your goals
for potential returns?

At Unity Acquisitions,
we have already done the heavy lifting for you.

Our customized UA Client Portal will
allow you access to tons of pre-vetted
business opportunities where our highly
skilled team conducted in-depth due
diligence processes that range anywhere
from organizational structure, operations,
contracting agreements and licenses,
intellectual property, legal or potential
liabilities, IRS records, and so much more.


As experts in this space, our goal is
to help you narrow your search down
to the most appropriate selections that
in alignment with your goals and verifying
that you have the leverage needed to make
a move on your desired business terms
based on your financial standing. We ensure
the strength of your business deal as your
designated liaison, so you won’t have to.


From here, we will partner you with one of our elite Business Brokers for an in-depth
assessment to determine your overall goals, strategy, and preferences. It’s important
that we gather as much information as possible to ensure that we align you with the
most suitable opportunities available.

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financial strength

How will you be funding this venture? That’s what we will find out. Proof of funding
will be required as you will review which businesses are best suited for your budget.

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our client portal

Unity Acquisitions seeks to save you time, eliminate your headaches, and simplify your
process. This is the purpose of our UA Client Portal. We make the search process very
easy for you as you utilize this powerful platform to review pre-screened businesses
that are available for purchase.

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seller protection

As the authorized representative of the Seller, we must ensure that their privacy is
paramount. We require that all Buyers sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to
ensure that confidential and sensitive business information about the Seller’s company
remains protected. Though our portal will provide you with some basic information,
for specific details, an NDA will be requested.

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finding a potential match

After you have reviewed some of the offerings within our portal, you may determine
that you are interested in a specific company and would like to discuss further terms.
Our UA Business Broker will act as the intermediary and will make your intentions
known to the Seller.

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due diligence

After collecting as much information as necessary and conducting an in-depth
analysis of pre-qualification considerations from both the buyer and seller sides;
financials, documentation, records, valuations, funding information, and all other
relevant paperwork will be brought to the buying table in preparation for coming to
terms on a deal.

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the offer

Before an offer can be extended, a Letter of Intent (LOI) will be required in addition
to a few other items in preparation of finalizing the deal, including the purchase
agreement and deposit (which will be held until the offer is accepted). This is in place
to protect both the Buyer and the Seller. If everything checks out accordingly and all,
of the I’s are dotted and T’s crossed the offer will be presented to the Seller.

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final review

As the Buyer, you will get the chance to perform your own due diligence while
reviewing all of the Seller’s documentation to ensure that the terms meet with
your requirements.

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closing the deal

In closing, you (the Buyer) will sign a release, and transfer documents will be
prepared as you complete your deal. Once that has been accomplished, there
is one final step:

Celebrate! You are hereby the owner of a new business!
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things to consider when buying a business:

  • Q&A

  • financial strength

  • our client portal

  • seller protection

  • finding a potential

  • due diligence

  • the offer

  • final review

  • closing the deal