Startup Funding & Restructuring

Raising capital for your business is a fundamental step in effectively solidifying the position of your startup. Startup funds, also known as seed money, includes all of the money necessary to get a business up and running. According to, the top reason why small businesses fail is due to a lack of capital. The U.S. Small Business Administration echoes
the same sentiment as they indicate that 95% of small businesses fail within the 1st five years. In most cases, these failures point to lack of capital, cash flow, or experience.

Would it really be a surprise if it were all of the above combined?

As the new kid on the block, startup funding isn’t easy. You must consider how much you
need and why; create a detailed business plan, set up a strategy, ensure your business
meets all of the minimum requirements for attaining capital from the targeted funding source,
and so much more. Now that you have considered the basics, you may be wondering, okay,
where do I start? That’s where Unity Acquisitions comes in. We take on the role as your
guide through this tedious process of capital funding and restructuring. There are options
out there, but you need to be armed with enough information to understand which direction
will work best for your business.

While Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors can be a great resource for startup funding, there are often stipulations in making this relationship happen. This includes market potential, attractive equity or perpetuity agreements, time in business, business model, and estimated timelines for returns. Think of Shark Tank. They are a collective
of capital investors seeking the most profitable opportunities that will get them the most bang for their buck. You also notice how most of the startups get turned down. Sometimes due to liabilities, age of the business, year-over-year downturn, not enough equity, and several other reasons.

It’s much more challenging to get funding through a bank as you will need some form of collateral or will have to be a personal guarantor on the loan. Even if you do meet the requirements, it’s likely that you will not get the amount that you need. There are also requirements regarding the age of the business and profitability, which can be deemed problematic for a lot of startups.

Business Incubators/Accelerators are another means of potential startup funding, which is generally best suited for tech-based startups. This method acts as a business collective where newbie businesses connect in targeted categories and share their resources until they are strong enough for independent production. As strategists in this industry, we can help to connect you with the right parties who will take an interest in your startup.


Our job is to help you to identify the right funding sources for your needs and
to help you to explore these options for raising startup capital. We can assist
you with restructuring your business in such a way that it will be more appealing
as you seek investment dollars. If you ask a new business owner their biggest
struggle, most of them are likely always to have the same answer . . .
Startup funding.